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With brilliance and speed, we are opening a tonne of new businesses every day. Customers have the option of starting their own trucking businesses in person or over the phone. We manage all the permits, US DOT drug and alcohol tests, and FMCSA audit support, and it only takes us 4-6 hours to start a new firm for our clients.

One of the U.S. businesses with the most regulations is trucking, and establishing a trucking business necessitates the filing of various documents. The personnel at Tap Truck Permit & Services is fully aware of the paperwork and licences (in-cab permits, decals, plates, etc.) that must be submitted in order to launch your trucking business.

How to Start A Trucking Business

Although starting your own trucking business may first appear challenging, there are long-term financial benefits and room for growth. It takes a little time, skill, and patience to apply for a permit. The tiresome responsibilities of dealing with the state and federal organisations required to obtain your authority, permits, and plates will be handled by Tap Truck Permit & Services.

Choosing the type of legal entity you wish to be is the first thing you must do. operate under your name or as a corporation, an LLC, or a DBA.

Truckers who are leaving a trucking firm or leased driver agreement typically have an advantage over new or inexperienced truckers. Given that they had prior solo driving experience, this is definitely accurate. Your ability to run a trucking business or be an owner-operator will depend on how you answered the questions above if you are new to trucking.

You must therefore register the name of your trucking firm in your state of residency after you have decided on it. In some areas, this can be completed in just one day, while in others it may take many weeks. You must obtain a Federal Identification Number for your business.

IMPORTANT Information: Your social security number should not be used as your Federal ID number. Using your social security number might lead to identity theft.

The following step is acquiring your FMCSA Authority, DOT Number, Unified Carrier Registration (UCR), International Fuel Tax Agreement (IFTA), and any further trucking licences you might require, most notably those from the states that demand them.

It may take around 15 working days to complete all the paperwork and receive the allotted plates. The staff at Tap Truck Permit & Services do all in their power to expedite your paperwork; but, when dealing with governmental organizations, issues might crop up and delays can happen.

There will be many concerns and risks associated with starting a trucking business if the appropriate licenses, plates, or cab cards are not obtained. If you don't comply, you could face hundreds of dollars in fines. Allow the knowledgeable personnel at Tap Truck Permit & Services to fully comply with state and federal regulations for your tractor-trailer.

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